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Pastor Dan - Christian Fatloss™
Pastor Dan – “before” the Christian Fatloss™ Program

Hi, thanks for visiting our website. It’s my prayer & hope that you would not only be blessed by visiting today, but that you would join our new community of believers and participate.

You don’t know me yet, but I hope that will change over time. Until, then I thought it would be good to tell you a little about me and why I started this website.

Who I am

I’ve been a believer for most of my life (I’m 43 now), probably raised my hand for the first time over a Popsicle during a front-yard Sunday school of at my neighbor’s house.  I accepted Christ and really starting following Jesus when I was 12.

My personal relationship with Jesus Christ began to really grow in my twenties as I began to attend church a couple of times a week regularly and to serve him in my areas of spiritual giftings : pastor, teacher, leader, evangelist, service, mercy, faith, exhortation, healing, giving and Apostle.

In my late 20’s and 30’s I’ve served in many roles in the body such as: Small group leader, Dir. Of Kingdom Builders, Sunday School Teacher, Church Councilman, Short-term Missionary and various other places of need.

I’ve been a church member (of 3 churches) since 1995 and am currently a member & serving at Highlands Church of Scottsdale, Arizona USA.

My friends and family would describe me in the following ways: loving, generous, trustworthy, down-to-earth, optimistic, friendly, faithful, committed, intelligent and fun.

I am married to my wonderful wife Diana who helps me run this website and have 5 beautiful children Rachel (12), Jonathan (10), Eliana (7), Leo (6) and little Grace (3).

Why I started this website

To explain the reasons behind this website I have to share a bit about my personal journey and how I got to where I m today.  My spiritual & physical health was not always as good as it is today.

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. James 5:16 ESV

Although I was walking fairly closely with Christ for most of my adult life, my physical health was not always great.  I grew up a fairly hefty kid and in my early twenties after college I ballooned up to my heaviest weight ever at 272 lbs (I’m 6’2″).  At the time I developed some fairly serious health conditions:

  • Was diagnosed with flat-feet and prescribed orthotic shoe insoles
  • Had to make frequent trips to the Chiropractor
  • Had to wear knee braces and ankle supports to play recreational softball (I was nick-named ‘Diesel’ because I looked like a semi-truck running bases)
  • I had high blood pressure and a resting heart rate of about 80 beats per minute
  • I was tired all the time, didn’t like swimming anymore (one of my favorites activities to do as a kid) because I was ashamed to wear a swim suit or go without a shirt
  • My attitude & energy levels at all time lows
  • It was taxing on my relationship at the time, to the point that she finally left me
  • I was depressed, frustrated, and in pain (mentally, emotionally and physically)

A mentor of mine at the time told me “Dan, when the pain of doing nothing exceeds the pain of doing something, you will do something about your situation”. I knew I had to do something.  I found myself spiritually in a place where I was not so close to God. Physically I was in a place where if I didn’t do something, my body was going to continue to fail.

So, I started down the path of finding solutions to my problems.

  • Re-dedicated my life to Christ
  • Started a quest for Personal Development (Life Success) & Physical Development
  • Decided to get Certified as Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Counselor (International Fitness Professionals Association)
  • Started living in the gym, doing chronic-cardio & heavy weight training in excess

All those things helped and I did lose weight and became healthier (got down to 213 lbs and 6% body fat). It wasn’t sustainable long-term though and I couldn’t make the changes permanent.

Soon after that, I started an all-consuming job and started ballooning back up until I was at about 256 lbs. Most people externally would tell you “he carries his weight well”. (see photo above) I’m not sure what that means exactly, but may have to do something with the fact I wasn’t ripping the seams out of my XL shirts. LOL!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10 ESV

Everything changed a couple of years ago…

So, I’m 256 lbs and spiritually at the time on track.  I woke up one day and was embarrassed by the reflection in the mirror of the guy looking back at me.  I knew better. I was a trainer and eating pretty well, minus frequent & indulgent ice-cream and chocolate desserts with my kiddos.

I decided to make a change, but this time I had to find a better way. One that was sustainable (for the rest of my life) & easy to implement. So, I started my 2nd quest for better health.

I read dozens of books, blogs, articles, medical journals, research papers…everything I could get my hands on that had to do with bio-hacking and personal training backed by modern science. Through some divine “coincidence” (I don’t believe in coincidence, God is in control) I stumbled upon several pieces of the puzzle at once. Then finally one day I put it all together…

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. James 1:22 ES

Through testing & implementing several of the best tips, tricks and tactics that I learned from studying modern science…while also combining all the spiritual wisdom I’ve learned from my pastors and Bible, I developed what I call the  Christian Fatloss™ Program.  I finally put it all together in such a way as to turn my body into a literal fat-burning machine while growing closer to God. This was not in some lose 10 lbs overnight with this miracle-pill kind of way, but losing on average 2-3 lbs per week, every week, for several months until I reached the level of physical health I am today.

Early this year (2014) I set out to build a program for it, to share with other members of the Christian Community that would benefit from it. I truly feel I’ve been spirit led in the design of the program, the modern science used in it, the Biblical wisdom I share and how it applies to a Christian’s life.

Pastor Dan and Family after Christian Fatloss™ Program
Pastor Dan and Family “after” Christian Fatloss™ Program

I went through the program myself and can happily say that I weigh 70+ lbs less today than I did at my heaviest and I am the healthiest and lightest I’ve been in my whole life.  Numerous critical health conditions I had (and some other not so critical ones) have completely disappeared. I moved from ‘Obese’ on the Body Mass Index to ‘Normal’. My resting heart rate is now 46 beats per minute, down from 80. My blood pressure & cholesterol are both normal.

My health was so good that when I applied for Life Insurance recently, I qualified for the cheapest/best rate that you can get ‘Ultra Low Risk’.

Having an innate desire to share & to give (thank you God) I started building out a website that I could share with other believers that would help them also achieve greater spiritual & physical health.  It will be launched soon as it has taken me months to build out the content and need a couple more months to build it out right. I’ll be launching it in the late-fall of 2014. If you want to be on the announcement list you can join the newsletter at the top of the website here. Look for the green hello bar.

Giving back

Less than a month ago, I was on a plane flying back from a work-related conference and I was reading a copy of USA Today (one a picked up in the airport) and ran across this article:

USA Today clip of World Weight Problem & Obesity
USA Today clip of World Weight Problem & Obesity

This article combined with the fact that in the USA the Center for Disease Control (CDC) just announced that they are now classifying obesity as a disease was a wake-up call for me.  They also state that it will soon eclipse all other causes of death and become the #1 killer of Americans in the country.

The article goes on to state that 87 million Americans (out of the 857 Million people worldwide) are obese.  That equates to roughly 65 Million Christian Americans. People who are struggling through life like I was… unhappy, miserable and likely going home to see Jesus before there time.

I was now working on a program that could help save lives if I could get the word out.  I thought, “If I can get even a small fraction of Christian Americans to adopt my program and take action, then we could saves lives and allow for them to fulfill the Lord’s calling on their lives in a bigger & better capacity. Not to mention, the folks that do move from obese to overweight and overweight to normal, could serve the Lord for a longer period of time down here and be much happier & comfortable while they are doing so.  That’s awesome!

Since the Christian Fatloss™ Program won’t be ready for a while and I have already written 80,000 words of valuable content I decided to share the content with you all here.  I will continue to use this blog as a way to “Teach, Inspire and Motivate Christians to achieve greater levels of spiritual & physical health” (My new mission).  Fostering a community of like-minded believers “where each of us always loves God with our Spirit, Soul & Body!”

I’m taking this new mission (ministry) seriously and became officially ordained as a Christian Minister (June 1st, 2014) and am committed to working with God, for God, to achieve the mission and vision he has given me.

Please join me…

Pastor Dan Matejsek (Ma-tay-sek)

License #689912412

P.S. Feel free to send me an email and let me know what you think of the website…any things you’d like me to add or if you’ve got a prayer request you’d like to share.

dan {at} christianvitality {dot} com

This site is built by Christians for Christians to help you achieve Vitality, both Spiritually & Physically.

Our Mission: Empowering Revival in the lives of Christians Worldwide by teaching, inspiring, and empowering believers with the practical application of Modern Science & Biblical Wisdom.

Our Vision: A Christian community; where each of us always loves God with our Spirit, Soul & Bodies!

Our Values: Loving God, & Loving People and whatever it takes to fulfill the command Jesus gave each of us!

I help Christians recover (and grow) their spiritual and physical health, so that they can live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives for Jesus Christ! – Dan Matejsek


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi Dan,

    My names Jaclyn (Jackie). I found the ad for your website stumbling through Facebook this Sunday morning, noticed it said something about “Lose Your Freshman15 with Christ” (or something along those lines) and couldn’t believe it. So natural, curious-me clicked on the link and joined up for some early-bird program with Coach Angie (?). I really had no clue what was going on, what the website was about, but I saw the url read “christianvitality.com” so I immediately went to this site.

    I think what you’re doing/embarking on is awesome! Combining the lessons of Christ and fitness; tying the true tenants of our souls to our temporary outer-shells God provided us with to help us lead happier, longer, more fulfilling lives is crazy cool.

    I’m 19 years old and go to school in Charlotte, NC, but am home in Fort Lauderdale, FL until late August. I’ve struggled with both my faith and weight my entire life. I’ve always been the cute, chubby girl with (oddly enough) a very built, athleticy shape. I play tennis for my college and have been playing since I was 4, but if not for my passion for tennis I most certainly would be obese. I simply grew up not learning very good nutrition habits and over-ate like it was nobody’s business, however was still considerably active.

    It wasn’t until this passed October up at school at a church in Charlotte, NC that I at last opened the door for Christ to enter my life and be fully apart of it with me.

    I still however, struggle with my weight and faith. In both aspects of my life I know I can do more. The passed couple of days I had really just been hating hard on my body and would wake up and go to bed with this disgust with it. Oddly enough, as I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook this Sunday morning, it occurred to me, “Why am I treating myself so badly? If I’m really upset, why aren’t I looking to the one being that can truly fix my disgust with myself: God?” And that’s when I looked back to the screen and saw the link for your website. Coincidence? 😛

    Anyways, the reason I am writing to you is to let you know I think what you are doing amazing and I will certainly be praying for your success with it. Also, if you need any help spreading the word of what you’re doing via social media I’m your girl, or if you need anyone to do some commenting or writing for your cite I’d be glad to help.

    Sincerely, Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Your comment & email are such a blessing to me. You are an answer to my prayers.

      I’ll write you back in more detail later as I’m at church and have to teach 1st grade in the next service.

      Yes, please is my answer to your offer to help spread the word, comment, and write.

      Its funny as I felt inspired a couple of days ago to put together the Freshman15.club and worked really hard for several hours getting all the pieces together for it and fired up the ads.

      I started the ads yesterday and the ads had been seen by ~20,000 college gals and I hadn’t received even one click yet. I was a little bummed and almost paused the ads, but I felt God wanted me to leave them. Maybe just for you…for your coincidence to happen. 🙂

      I was choked up and almost teared up when I received the notice of your comment this morning. Thank you so much!

      I will write more later from desktop today, but one thing I want you to write down and remember every day going forward when you’re feeling down about yourself is this:

      God made ME
      Christ saved Me
      And that makes ME a person of TREMENDOUS worth.

      Worthless is now…no longer a word in your vocabulary when referring to yourself.

      God bless you and thank you for your courage and reaching out to me. You made my entire week! Seriously!

      Pastor Dan

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