I am sincerely thankful to God for where he has brought me to today

The State of my Union with God & a Testimonial for friend Matt Trainer

Amish Shah & Matt Trainer changed my life!

In 2008, I was running a 7 figure Affiliate Marketing company. My personal life at the time was in turmoil (understatement) going through a horrible (another understatement) Divorce. I took time away from my personal nightmare and attended an event at that time my friend Amish Shah put on. I owe Amish Shah the credit for getting my bum down there and to him, for that I will always be grateful. It literally changed my life. At that time in my life I was at the bottom emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It was so bad, I let all my employees go to pursue other paths and let my business, which I could have sold (I had several dozens of offers), just dry up and die.

Over the best sushi I’ve had in my life (I’ve had tons) I met Matt Trainer for the first time. Thanks Amish Shah for footing the bill that night by the way. 🙂

Call it serendipity, divine intervention, or the Universe coming to a place of convergence, either way I’d like to thank God for introducing me to Matt Trainer back then. When I had hit rock bottom and turned back on course for where I am today.

It’s more of a point of reference in my life where my life took a turn upward.

Amish ShahMatt Trainer, and I went our separate ways, but I reconnected with Matt Trainer earlier this year (2014) with help from another gentlemen I hold in fairly high esteem. Greg Davis. Thanks Greg Davis for reconnecting me with Matt Trainer.

I went on to help build a brand new start-up company (3 of us founded) to an 8 figure business in three years with a 100+ employees.

So, this last weekend 8/9 through 8/10 (2014) I had another turning point when attending the “The Marketing Moron Conference” held by my older now much wiser (and enlightened) friend Matt Trainer.

I can’t give all the credit to Matt Trainer or the speakers etc, but it was a turning point in my life. One I have not had since 2008 (with the Amish Shah event)

This event is another a point in time, one I will look back and can honestly say it was a point when my life took another turn (like the 2008 Amish Shah event) and placed me on course for an exponential growth in abundance & prosperity.

So, even though most people on the outside looking into my current life before, hanging out with Matt Trainer this last weekend, would say I am already at a great place in life. I now realize that I’ve been thinking too small and limiting the amount of God’s wealth and abundance that could/would enter my life.

I now have a degree of clarity and focus that makes me feel attuned to what God’s purposes for my life are. Allowing me to operate in a place where I am truly and genuinely 110% me and 110% present in the moment. The person who God wants me to be and allowing myself to be used by him to change the world we live in.

I feel like I’m on fire now, in a permanent state of “flow” like I’ve been possessed by God and just need to step out of his way and let him do absolutely amazing things. Things I could never do myself.

I will be my only limitation, getting in the way of what he has planned by letting my “self” or ego get in the way. I am committing to God and anyone reading this to never again allow myself to operate at the ground level of life and only operate in a place where I am flying high in the clouds on God’s coat tails and having a significant impact on humanity by being 110% present at all times and 110% surrendered to the fact that God is my source and supply and guides me in all my steps, if I’ll let him.

Thank you Matt Trainer for being the vehicle of change that brought me to this place. You are a true brother and I will be forever indebted to you.

Anyone who has the opportunity to attend another event Matt Trainer puts on, should reflect back on their current state of life and ask themselves…am I thinking to small? Am I ready for some more abundance & prosperity? Am I ready for a turning point? One that would elevate me to higher plane of abundance & wealth exponentially greater than where I am at today? If your inner “still small voice” says yes. Don’t hesitate to go. Just go…

Sincerely with immense gratitude and appreciation,

Pastor Dan

4 thoughts on “The State of my Union with God & a Testimonial for friend Matt Trainer”

  1. Nick S PM: Loved your latest post Dan. About your journey from 2008 to today. I remember studying your posts in the PPC forums. This is a strange coincidence but back in 2008 I was finalizing my divorce and looking for a new job. I was fired in June of 2008. Talk about rock bottom. That’s when I started my journey into the IM world. I also attended Amish event back in 2008 in San Diego. I found some early success but foundered and eventually stopped.

    Good to hear you are at a better place. Been thinking about giving IM another shot or maybe going back to School at 41, Lol.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I genuinly appreciate it. Not sure your beliefs etc, but find a way to get away from everything for an hour. An get yourself to a place where you are 110% present. In the moment, now. Pray and ask God (the Universe or whatever) what you should do and listen for the still small voice. Then do what it tells you.

  3. PM From Sumeet H.: Hey Dan its a pleasure to meet you brother, just joined Team Wukar , saw your post in basecamp very inspiring! I also have had a journey i can relate with you on, not similar in instances, but similar in the emotions and feelings. I am also excited and honored to have met you all and be a part of this movement i can only hope life will move forward in positivity from where i have come. If you are ever free would love to introduce myself properly and chat brother! Thanks for that inspiring post once again! Made my day

  4. The pleasure is mine. I am blessed to be a blessing to you. I look forward to meeting you too.

    Post, comments, and emails make my day. I genuinely thrive by helping others. Thank you for the opportunity to do so for you and telling me so.

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