Make the most out of EVERY day to get closer to God & lose weight!

Boating can be great for weight loss?
Make the most out of every day!

Today happened to be Good Friday for me.  I know that doesn’t (won’t) correlate but once a year for any of you, but it was a good excuse for our office to be closed and for them to allow me a paid holiday.

Diana had her normal Friday things planned and took our youngest daughter to her pre-school for the day.

I was left in the trusty hands of the other four kids  (12 year old daughter),  (10 year old Autistic son), (7 year old daughter), and (6 year old – youngest son).

I decided to take them to a local lake nearby called Saguro Lake to rent a patio boat and to cruise the lake.  We do this a couple of times a year and it is not really on the cheap side of entertainment, but for 2 hours (a couple of times a year) to take most of the family out to have a ball on the lake…it’s worth it to me.

Well, all of the patio boats were gone by the time we got there (at about 9:00am) and all they had left were ski-boats. Being a God is my provider kind of guy I rolled with it. So we picked one up and set sail or rather motor on the not-so-rocky seas.

If you’ve never been out on a lake in a ski boat at top speed, you owe it to yourself to try it a least once (or twice).  There’s something about cruising at 40+ miles an hour a foot or two above the water and it’s an absolute thrill when you come across the wake of other boats (or a scary rogue wave) that hits your boat. The screams of delight were classic emanating from our little vessel as the water broke across our bow.

We motored all the way across the lake and partially up the Salt River to a very nice sandy beach and anchored there.  After a great swim, the kids and I all had our daddy-packed-cooler lunch (that I packed in the morning).

We wrapped up our two hour rental with me allowing them to each have a turn at driving the ski boats (with me right next to them) at full speed. This was one of those I’ll never-forget-when-I-was-a-kid-when moments. For me I had 4 Majestic Moments that I’ll never forget to take to the grave with me.

There were a million an 1 things I could have done today and going to the lake was just one of them.

I think You should treat everyday as an adventure or journey along with Jesus.  Invite him along and let him grab the wheel and see where he takes you today.  You may be surprised at how much fun you have when you make the most out of every day.

How is this good for weight loss or my spiritual journey you ask?

Well, as we’ve often preach (teach) lowering our stress level is great for lowering our Cortisol levels, which has an affect on whether we lose or gain weight.  It’s a safe bet for you to think, that I reduced my stress level significantly by hanging out with 4 of my favorite people out on the lake today.

I the spiritual side I really allowed myself to soak in God’s creation. All the while surrendering my will to his.  So, the patio boat didn’t work out. So, what?  I consider myself a fairly spirit-led guy and I felt that was what the plan was and I had God’s blessing to do so.

In that moment when I faced a a potential defeat (not patio boats available) I surrendered and said to myself ‘God is  my source’ and rolled with the punches and took the path laid out for me.

Truth be told the ski-boat was a heck of a lot of more fun than that patio-boat would of been and my kids can now say they drove a ski-boat.

So, my challenge to you today if you have the opportunity, pray for God to open up the opportunity to have YOUR Majestic Moment. One that relieves some stress and brings you closer to him.

You’ll be glad you did.

So, please comment and tell me what your favorite Majestic Moment or stress reducing activity is. I love your comments.