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Discover The Hidden Biblical Secrets a 44 Year Old Pastor Used to Lose 76 Pounds in 6 Months

Discover The Hidden Biblical Secrets a 44 Year Old Pastor Used to Lose 76 Pounds in 6 Months

This is my “magic” milk jug for weight loss.

Magic Weight Loss Milk Jug
Magic Weight Loss Milk Jug

It’s the key to a major revelation God gave me when I was on my own fat loss journey a few years ago. I’ll tell you more about it in a minute…

You’re at the same place again aren’t you?

I know your story. It’s probably similar to mine…

Everyone’s situation is different, but the results are usually the same.

I’ve got a quick question for you…

Are you tired and frustrated with the fact that despite all the things you’ve tried to lose weight you can’t manage to lose the weight for good?

Well, I was too.

To complicate matters, my family’s future was on the line and my health was getting past the point of no-return and I had to do something about it fast.

I had 4 months to drop significant weight or it would cost my family thousands of dollars and I may not even be here speaking with you today.

I’m Pastor Dan and I used Biblical Wisdom and Modern Science to lose 76 Pounds of Ugly Body Fat in only 6 months using the tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques I will be revealing in a Free Live Webinar in early May.

If you’ve tried:

  • Weight loss pills
  • Fad diets (think eating your body weight in cabbage soup or some other crazy juice diet)
  • ebooks promising to be the be-all and end-all for weight loss
  • Weight Watchers
  • Nutrisystem
  • or any other program that failed you

Then you are a perfect fit to join us on the Free Webinar.

I’ll be revealing all my best content to you live, but before we set the date, time and format for the Webinar I want to hear from you.

I’ll be emailing you questions on what your greatest needs are.

What times work best for you.

And how I can help you in the most beneficial way.

So, please enter your name and email address below and let’s get started down the path to helping you lose weight, feeling great, and growing in your relationship with Jesus along the way.

Now back to my “magic” milk jug…

Well, after reading 100s of books, research papers, ebooks, and spending hundreds of hours in the Bible and in Prayer. I put all the pieces together and created a Fatloss Program that truly works.  Works long-term (I’ve kept the weight off to this day).

It’s a 40-day program that I truly believe I was spirit-led in putting together. I went through it 6 times and lost 76 pounds.

But, something funny happened after my first 2 weeks on the program I lost 8 pounds. You can bet I was celebrating that one with the Lord.

That’s not what’s is funny though…

It dawned on me that 8 pounds is equivalent to what a gallon of milk weighs.

So, I just dropped what would be the same as carrying around a gallon of milk with me everywhere I go.  That would be a crazy thing to do.

I felt a little voice inside ask me…if carrying around a gallon of milk everywhere you go is silly…why is it okay to carrying around 8 pounds of extra weight you don’t need?

It’s not okay.

Long story short…I went on to lose the equivalent of 9 gallons of milk in bodyfat. Holy Cow!!! 🙂

So, if anyone ever tells you losing weight is hard work. I’d counter back to them…not losing weight is hard work!

I sincerely pray that you’ll take me up on signing up to get more information about the Webinar.  I’ll be advertising it soon in a big way and you can be instrumental in helping me put on a truly amazin webinar if you’ll help me stay in touch with you by entering your name and email above.  No rick to you…you can always unsubscribe anytime.

Come on you know you’re curious about how I lost 76 pounds and grew closer to Christ at the same time…aren’t ya?

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